Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Stockings for the Grandbrats

Sew, I decided the kids all needed hand made stockings this year for Christmas.
Stuffed full of candy and goodies and prizes of course.
I went to YouTube and found the cutest stocking tutorial.
I followed her step by step, pausing the video as I went and made this cute stocking! 
My first!
Once I finished this one I pretty much had it down and cut out 9 more stockings to sew.

I give you fair warning, and the designer does also in the video, if you don't want a huge stocking, cut the size down some. 
When I printed out the pattern it really was a tad too big for my tastes. 
I mean come on! I have ten of those things to fill!
Instead I took an old stocking from years ago and used that as a template for a good size for me. 
Then the rest was just following along with her video. 
These stockings have batting for a stiffer more professional look. 
I really think it is absolutely adorable. 
Cutting out ten stockings, with batting and tabs and cuffs took me over three hours, but now all that is left to do is sew them all up. 
And that takes no time at all.

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