Friday, December 8, 2017

Stockings for the Grandbrats: picture intense

These are the faces! 

Only a few missing from this picture. 
But this? This is the bulk of the Grandbrats, (so far) from 13 to 3.
These faces need handmade over filled stockings from MiMi and PawPaw this year.  
I told you I had already cut them all out and the sewing would be a breeze? Yeah, maybe for a seasoned seamstress, for me? a totally different story.
I did get half way through the pile. 
Normal people, it would get easier as you went along. 
Me not so much. 
I have the pattern down, I have the sewing down, but I always seem to run into a problem. With each and every one of them. One I missed the seams on the side like five times before I finally caught it in the needle. One I poked a whole in the toe after I had finished most of it, had to take it apart and start over. One I forgot to leave an opening in the lining for turning it inside out. 
It's just been one newbie mishap after another. And quite a learning experience.
My toes are a tad too square and my heels too sharp. 
In some, like this one, the cuff was larger than the stocking once I finished sewing it three times for missing the sides. 
But look how wicked cute that stocking is!!


Despite all my screw ups and mishaps and all the needle pokes in my fingers, arms and legs, I love them! I think they are adorable. 
Not perfect, but adorable.
This one below, the cuff is a lot smaller than the rest. But it is still cute.

It really has been fun, even with all the pin pricks. 

I watch all the videos on YouTube and have concluded that these people must spend hours before videoing straightening lines, matching sides, making everything look absolutely perfect before they shoot. No frayed edges, no crooked lines, all pieces match up perfectly from first cut to sewing. 
Please! I just spent 3 hours on five stockings, I know the truth! 

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