Friday, December 1, 2017

First post: Why am I here?

This is Leah ;0) the owner of the Knittinfun blog.
I have been running the Knittinfun, first website, then blog, facebook page, google+ page and everything knittinfun since the beginning of the new millennium, so there was no doubt what a sewing blog would have to be named of course, to be a sister blog, she had to have the name.
I have been really into sewing lately and I know the people over at the knitting blog are tired of hearing about it.There is knitting going on, lots of knitting for the holidays. If you want to read about that check out the blog.
There will be lots of posts and shares coming as sewing has fired up my creative side like nothing has since I first watched a YouTube video about how to knit a sock waaaaaayyyyy back in '97 that sparked years and years of knitting and hundreds and hundreds of socks along with various other items.
You really should check out the blog if you have never seen it. 

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