Monday, November 12, 2018

More #SewTogether

Ok, so I have been doing more sewing than posting, I'm sorry. I will try and catch you up.

DD#1 and I have been getting together on the weekends and sewing together, well truthfully, she has been walking me, step by step, through sewing purses. She is wicked good at it and makes some of the cutest themed purses you've ever seen.
You can see her work here: SewRae

She comes over, machine in hand and we set up at my kitchen table.
She picks the pattern and I try to have it all cut out and ready to sew by the time she gets there. Woefully, I usually fall short in that area.
Probably because she has a steadier cutting hand than I do LOL 

She always brings some of the cutest prints to work with. Like this adorable Star Wars pattern. Me? I'm still working on trying to get my stitching right on plain old canvas.

She walked me through every step. (she's a very patient child) and we finally finished these two bags.
Mine, the green canvas,full size messenger bag, her's the cute little Star Wars mini messenger bag.
I opted for a little fancier stitch around the outside flap, jut because it's so plain, I had to snazz it up a little bit. And my machine is awesome like that. 
This was my first time doing a lot of things. 
A snap
A strap
A usable purse LOL

I really like the way it came out, and has plenty of room for all my junk I carry everyday.

I think my flap may be a little off, but I like it. And, as usual, if it was perfect you would never believe I made it. I own my flaws, and see them as proof that, not only is it homemade, but homemade by me lol

Sissy Bella modeling Mama's cute Star Wars bag.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Josey has a new bed

Josey is my 2 years old German Shepherd. From the time he was six weeks old I could tell him "Josey, go to bed" and he would crawl up in his huge store bought, over stuffed dog bed. As he got older though, he would go to bed, but as soon as he would hear the heavy breathing of us sleeping, he would slink out and sleep on the carpet. That is a big no no. But no matter how hard I tried to get him to stay in his bed he would not.
I finally figured out, that huge, overstuffed bed was making him too hot while he was sleeping, so he would get on the floor to cool off.
We got rid of the bed and he was just using an oversized towel to lay on, something I could just grab up and throw in the wash.
Then I came across this camouflage flannel I had left over from making a neck warmer for my sweetie pie. Hmmmmm.......funny how you find good ideas cleaning up the piles in your sewing boxes.
I grabbed up some left over cheap towels I had bought for making the burp cloths for BB and decided I would make him something a little more "his" than a towel on the floor.
There was no measuring, but lots of cutting. 
Josey is a big dog so I decided to use every bit of the flannel I had left and I would just fit the towels to the back of it.
The floor in the foyer was the only available area I could find. 
At 52 years old, the floor is not my favorite place to be working. It's the getting back up I tell ya. But I crawled around down there and got it all fitted together the straightest and best I could. 
Let's face it, it's a dog bed, it didn't have to be perfect. Just hold up.  
One thing I have learned, I love, love the clips to work with way better than pinning.

I make a mess when I sew.

It was just a lot of piecing and pinning and cutting until it finally all came together the way I wanted it to.

It is a messy mess cutting up towels and sewing them together. But I got them all sewn and ironed out with out much of a problem.

Sewing the whole thing together took no time at all. I didn't do any fancy stitches, no quilting, no tacking in the middle. Just simply sewed the two pieces together with right sides facing and flipped it right side out when I was finished. 
All that lint!!!
A quick top stitch to close up the gap and help keep things somewhat in place.

And there it is. A thin, washable "bed" for the brat dog.

I think he likes it. He stayed on that thing longer than I could ever get him to stay in his other bed. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Stockings: Lots of pictures. I didn't know I could do that!

Finished up some of the stockings.
I am now about halfway through the pile.
They really are adorable and I am glad I decided to make them.
Once I got control of myself and the pattern, it started moving a lot more smoothly. I only had to rip out one of these and start over. So I'm getting better!

The Santa Clause stocking you have already seen.

The cuff on this one came out a tad smaller than the rest of them, but it's still cute!


Notice the cuff?

I didn't know I could do a boxed pleat without even trying!

I apparently can sew better than I thought. LOL

Friday, December 8, 2017

Stockings for the Grandbrats: picture intense

These are the faces! 

Only a few missing from this picture. 
But this? This is the bulk of the Grandbrats, (so far) from 13 to 3.
These faces need handmade over filled stockings from MiMi and PawPaw this year.  
I told you I had already cut them all out and the sewing would be a breeze? Yeah, maybe for a seasoned seamstress, for me? a totally different story.
I did get half way through the pile. 
Normal people, it would get easier as you went along. 
Me not so much. 
I have the pattern down, I have the sewing down, but I always seem to run into a problem. With each and every one of them. One I missed the seams on the side like five times before I finally caught it in the needle. One I poked a whole in the toe after I had finished most of it, had to take it apart and start over. One I forgot to leave an opening in the lining for turning it inside out. 
It's just been one newbie mishap after another. And quite a learning experience.
My toes are a tad too square and my heels too sharp. 
In some, like this one, the cuff was larger than the stocking once I finished sewing it three times for missing the sides. 
But look how wicked cute that stocking is!!


Despite all my screw ups and mishaps and all the needle pokes in my fingers, arms and legs, I love them! I think they are adorable. 
Not perfect, but adorable.
This one below, the cuff is a lot smaller than the rest. But it is still cute.

It really has been fun, even with all the pin pricks. 

I watch all the videos on YouTube and have concluded that these people must spend hours before videoing straightening lines, matching sides, making everything look absolutely perfect before they shoot. No frayed edges, no crooked lines, all pieces match up perfectly from first cut to sewing. 
Please! I just spent 3 hours on five stockings, I know the truth! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bags going out: A worthy minsitry

These personal care bags were first talked about over on the Knittinfun blog here:
Making Personal Bags

DD#1 and I stuffed them with goodies and they were delivered a couple of nights ago. 
If you are looking for a ministry to get in to, I can not think of a better one than serving and loving on women at your local shelter. 
They really are a joy to serve, some are hardened by their circumstances and need some extra time and care. As in one lady who has not participated with us since I started going over a year and half ago. She wouldn't even eat the food we provided. 
But this last week, she came to the front, she smiled and she talked with us. 
She really does have a beautiful smile and I told her how good she looked with it. 
All these women need is time and someone to love on them, hug them, cry with them and listen to them. It's a worthy ministry to apply yourself to if you get the chance.
One of our sisters brought blankets and we handed out the bags and all was received with smiles and hugs and warm wishes for everyone to have a great Christmas!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Stockings for the Grandbrats

Sew, I decided the kids all needed hand made stockings this year for Christmas.
Stuffed full of candy and goodies and prizes of course.
I went to YouTube and found the cutest stocking tutorial.
I followed her step by step, pausing the video as I went and made this cute stocking! 
My first!
Once I finished this one I pretty much had it down and cut out 9 more stockings to sew.

I give you fair warning, and the designer does also in the video, if you don't want a huge stocking, cut the size down some. 
When I printed out the pattern it really was a tad too big for my tastes. 
I mean come on! I have ten of those things to fill!
Instead I took an old stocking from years ago and used that as a template for a good size for me. 
Then the rest was just following along with her video. 
These stockings have batting for a stiffer more professional look. 
I really think it is absolutely adorable. 
Cutting out ten stockings, with batting and tabs and cuffs took me over three hours, but now all that is left to do is sew them all up. 
And that takes no time at all.