Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bags going out: A worthy minsitry

These personal care bags were first talked about over on the Knittinfun blog here:
Making Personal Bags

DD#1 and I stuffed them with goodies and they were delivered a couple of nights ago. 
If you are looking for a ministry to get in to, I can not think of a better one than serving and loving on women at your local shelter. 
They really are a joy to serve, some are hardened by their circumstances and need some extra time and care. As in one lady who has not participated with us since I started going over a year and half ago. She wouldn't even eat the food we provided. 
But this last week, she came to the front, she smiled and she talked with us. 
She really does have a beautiful smile and I told her how good she looked with it. 
All these women need is time and someone to love on them, hug them, cry with them and listen to them. It's a worthy ministry to apply yourself to if you get the chance.
One of our sisters brought blankets and we handed out the bags and all was received with smiles and hugs and warm wishes for everyone to have a great Christmas!

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