Monday, November 12, 2018

More #SewTogether

Ok, so I have been doing more sewing than posting, I'm sorry. I will try and catch you up.

DD#1 and I have been getting together on the weekends and sewing together, well truthfully, she has been walking me, step by step, through sewing purses. She is wicked good at it and makes some of the cutest themed purses you've ever seen.
You can see her work here: SewRae

She comes over, machine in hand and we set up at my kitchen table.
She picks the pattern and I try to have it all cut out and ready to sew by the time she gets there. Woefully, I usually fall short in that area.
Probably because she has a steadier cutting hand than I do LOL 

She always brings some of the cutest prints to work with. Like this adorable Star Wars pattern. Me? I'm still working on trying to get my stitching right on plain old canvas.

She walked me through every step. (she's a very patient child) and we finally finished these two bags.
Mine, the green canvas,full size messenger bag, her's the cute little Star Wars mini messenger bag.
I opted for a little fancier stitch around the outside flap, jut because it's so plain, I had to snazz it up a little bit. And my machine is awesome like that. 
This was my first time doing a lot of things. 
A snap
A strap
A usable purse LOL

I really like the way it came out, and has plenty of room for all my junk I carry everyday.

I think my flap may be a little off, but I like it. And, as usual, if it was perfect you would never believe I made it. I own my flaws, and see them as proof that, not only is it homemade, but homemade by me lol

Sissy Bella modeling Mama's cute Star Wars bag.

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