Thursday, October 25, 2018

Josey has a new bed

Josey is my 2 years old German Shepherd. From the time he was six weeks old I could tell him "Josey, go to bed" and he would crawl up in his huge store bought, over stuffed dog bed. As he got older though, he would go to bed, but as soon as he would hear the heavy breathing of us sleeping, he would slink out and sleep on the carpet. That is a big no no. But no matter how hard I tried to get him to stay in his bed he would not.
I finally figured out, that huge, overstuffed bed was making him too hot while he was sleeping, so he would get on the floor to cool off.
We got rid of the bed and he was just using an oversized towel to lay on, something I could just grab up and throw in the wash.
Then I came across this camouflage flannel I had left over from making a neck warmer for my sweetie pie. Hmmmmm.......funny how you find good ideas cleaning up the piles in your sewing boxes.
I grabbed up some left over cheap towels I had bought for making the burp cloths for BB and decided I would make him something a little more "his" than a towel on the floor.
There was no measuring, but lots of cutting. 
Josey is a big dog so I decided to use every bit of the flannel I had left and I would just fit the towels to the back of it.
The floor in the foyer was the only available area I could find. 
At 52 years old, the floor is not my favorite place to be working. It's the getting back up I tell ya. But I crawled around down there and got it all fitted together the straightest and best I could. 
Let's face it, it's a dog bed, it didn't have to be perfect. Just hold up.  
One thing I have learned, I love, love the clips to work with way better than pinning.

I make a mess when I sew.

It was just a lot of piecing and pinning and cutting until it finally all came together the way I wanted it to.

It is a messy mess cutting up towels and sewing them together. But I got them all sewn and ironed out with out much of a problem.

Sewing the whole thing together took no time at all. I didn't do any fancy stitches, no quilting, no tacking in the middle. Just simply sewed the two pieces together with right sides facing and flipped it right side out when I was finished. 
All that lint!!!
A quick top stitch to close up the gap and help keep things somewhat in place.

And there it is. A thin, washable "bed" for the brat dog.

I think he likes it. He stayed on that thing longer than I could ever get him to stay in his other bed. 

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