Friday, July 12, 2019

Mandy Fitted Tank top

The hardest part about making this tank top is the taping together of the pattern. And that's not hard at all, just tedious and time consuming (and my least favorite part about sewing)
Once it is printed and taped and cut out, it's easy, easy.
I would have had it sewn up and ready to wear in ten minutes had my serger not went bezerk on me AGAIN.
I know I'm doing something wrong, probably when pulling the thread out after I'm finished, but my thread breaks and gets all goobered up. Then it's unthreading all four sections and starting over from the beginning, on the bright side, I am a pro at threading a serger now!
The material was some from a destash on fb and it is super tshirt soft.
My only problems was the bands, I apparently stretched a tad too much and my underarms are a tad loose, but I love it!
It's soft, comfortable and fits the way I like.

I made the tunic length and I have some more stash material that I am going to make the top length next. Maybe I can get those armholes finished right next time.

If you want an easy, fast tank pattern check out the Mandy Fitted Tank from 5Outof4 Patterns


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